About Our Partner ARISE.
1994 to 1998 Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. was founded nearly 20 years ago to provide home-based job opportunities for people with disabilities. Originally named Willow CSN Incorporated, our company developed a virtual network where agents had the ability to service clients from their own home, acting as the middleman, connecting the home-based agents with client’s call centers. By 1998, Willow had already helped bring job opportunities to nearly 1,800 agents in South Florida and the Northeast. Although the organization was founded on the premise of making it easier for disabled people to work from home, roughly 25% of the network was disabled in 1998 and the other 75% elected to work from home for other reasons including: caring for the elderly, single parenting, and caregivers looking after someone at home.
Initially, Willow CSN operated the virtual network, offering clients a cost effective alternative to conventional call centers in meeting their inbound call handling requirements. Using the network, major corporations automatically and transparently routed calls from their call centers to a group of fully certified agents, who worked from their home-based offices with small business vendors contracted with Arise.
2005. Accretive Technology Partners, industry defining private investment firm, acquired Willow CSN. Willow CSN Incorporated was renamed Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. From the onset, Arise always had a unique and unequaled position in the industry achieved through its combination of proprietary technology, one of a kind virtual platform, innovative business processes, and crowdsourcing solutions. Yet, in 2005, Arise secured the position as leader in the work-at-home call center industry, delivering services in the cloud through a network of thousands of independent, work-at-home service providers.
We have never operated a conventional bricks and mortar (B&M) call center. Instead, we have always worked with a network of small businesses, primarily working from their own homes, working the hours and servicing the clients they choose, keeping work-life balance.
Arise secured an A+ BBB rating and continues to maintain that rating today.
2007. By 2007, Arise had grown from a company contracting with a few thousands agents in South Florida and the Northeast, to an organization partnering with thousands of small businesses across all 50 of the United States and continues to grow its client based 25-40% year over year.
2008. After establishing a strong business in the United States, Arise expanded to Europe, tapping into an untouched market overseas, where Arise could offer agents with cultural and linguistic commonalities to clients.
2009. Arise was invited to the White House to participate in President Obama’s Jobs Summit.
2010. Following the expansion into Europe, Arise expanded into Canada.
For the second year in a row, Arise was invited to President Obama’s Jobs Summit.
2011. Arise was recognized as an Innovator in the eLearning space by winning the Silver Award for Learning Innovation Practitioner from Chief Learning Officer. Arise has received an Award of Excellence from the International Society for Performance Improvement.
Arise receives strong support from government agencies and influential groups including: Connect to Compete.
2012. Arise partners with First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Joining Forces Initiative.
2014. Since 1994, Arise has evolved into a crowdsourcing company that combines virtual technology and operational efficiencies to deliver sales, customer service and technical support services to our clients. Through a network of small businesses, Arise has been able to offer its clients a very large, intrinsically motivated, skilled workforce to support the frontlines of their business. After nearly a decade of leadership in the call center industry, Arise now has a network of tens of thousands of small businesses, that are also our clients’ brand advocates, and who are able to provide chat, email, or tech support to Arise’s clients, while also cross selling and upselling products and services. As such, Arise continues to provide an unparalleled customer experience with on-demand service through its crowdsourcing solutions servicing some of the most admired brands in the world including many Fortune 150 companies.